3 Important Reasons to Continually Pressure Wash Your Driveway and Patio Surface



Almost everywhere you go in the Port St Lucie area you’ll see houses and along with those houses you’ll see driveways. Driving through all the neighborhoods in the area over the years has led me to see many driveways but it’s always been the ones that looked dark grey, dirty and weathered that really stood out the most. Unfortunately that’s not something you would want your driveway or property to be known for but surprisingly enough there’s so many driveways out there that fit that description. Pressure Wash

Fortunately there’s a quick and cost effective solution to this issue but first let’s go over what usually makes driveways look that way. Aside from actual dirt, rust & other minerals depositing from untreated sprinkler systems, most of the time you’ll eventually end up with some combination of black mold, mildew and possibly a few patches of green algae.

Depending on the type and how much foliage resides near these concrete based surfaces helps determine how fast and how much the potential growth of black mold, mildew or green algae there will be. There are many potential contributors to these micro organisms but most of the time it tends to start by spreading from the different forms of tree, grass, weeds and plant life nearby. Wind and rain usually help with the process of spreading but other factors often come into play as well.

There are many important reasons why it’s essential to maintain your driveway and other concrete based surfaces such as your sidewalks, patio and pool deck  through pressure washing. The most obvious reason for having and keeping your driveway surface clean should be the simple fact that clean driveways generally tend to look better than nasty, dirty looking ones. Hands down curb appeal is a no-brainer. Not only would your neighbors and other thru-traffic observers appreciate seeing clean, newer looking driveways, wouldn’t it also make you feel better knowing that you keep it clean for quite a few reasons?

Most people never truly think about it, but leaving black mold, mildew and green algae has a high potential of being a safety risk and health hazard. Besides the fact these micro organisms tend to look darker and a bit thicker each time it rains and they soak up water, they also tend to become slippery. The situation is a “slip & fall” just waiting to happen on your property..  so whether it was to happen to you, a family member (young or old), a friend or even a public service worker such as a delivery person walking up your driveway & walkway to get to your front door, it’s no laughing matter once it’s too late. Pressure Wash

Before I even get to the next important reason for keeping things clean, the bottom line is this..  at the time of this posting (2015) the going rate here in St Lucie County & Martin County to have a professional power washing service come out to clean a 4 car capacity, solid concrete Driveway, which is the average size of a driveway setting in front of a 2 car garage, would be between $55 to $75 depending on the exact condition of that surface and the location / distance of the job site.

Obviously if the cleaning service has to use more detergent and/or spend more time than average to complete the project, the price charged would be on the higher end of that range. The same holds true for job sites located further away from company home-base. Either way $55 to $75 spend every 1 to 2 years is a wise investment to make considering the alternative. Pressure Wash

In most cases, driveway and sidewalk surfaces should be professionally cleaned between every 12 to 18 months but I have seen a few exceptions to the rules. Generally speaking the idea isn’t to wait until it starts getting bad..  it should always be maintained in order to avoid those bad situations. It’s all about maintaining and preventing.

Before wrapping up this post, there is one more reason for maintaining your concrete based surfaces and I bet almost no one really thinks about this, but anywhere you see mildew or black mold it’s a possible health risk. The potential to cause respiratory issues is definitely there for everyone and should be most concerning to the elderly and those that already have related issues. One more thing to note when it comes to these micro organisms is that can spread quickly and easily from outdoors to indoors just by walking on them so again it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to keep those outside surfaces clean and sanitized as much as possible. Pressure Wash

So whether you have me come out to clean for you or you find another qualified, local company do the job, now you know how important it is to have your outdoor surfaces properly cleaned and regularly maintained.

In my next few posts I’ll be talking about the type of equipment pressure cleaning companies use to do typical tasks such as cleaning concrete surfaces, cleaning home exteriors and cleaning screen enclosures. Without discussing specific brands of chemicals or detergents I’ll also go over basic cleaning processes & applications.

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