Why it’s Extremely Important to Chemically Treat and Pressure Wash Mildew Before it’s Too Late



OK, even though it doesn’t fall under a “life or death” situation, I was certainly hoping to get your attention because in the specific subject of outdoor property cleaning which includes Pressure Washing and Chemical Treatment, the information in the blog post is quite valuable.

It’s unfortunate but Mildew is almost always misunderstood by the masses as I’ve been finding out ever since I started my pressure cleaning service in 2007. To sum it up, most of the people I’ve come across over the years have thought that mildew lays on top of surfaces, similar to dust, dirt and green algae. The truth is that only part of it grows above surfaces while the rest of it grows below that same surface. I call the part that grows below, the mildews “root system” because its structure reminds me of a layer of sod.

The part of the mildew that resides above the surface usually comes right off when commercial grade equipment is used. Unfortunately the same can’t always be said for the part that resides below the surface and for that reason power washing operators just about always pre-treat most surfaces with a chlorine mixture because it helps weaken mildew just enough to make removing it with pressure washing, a whole lot easier. It also leads to the surface looking a whole lot better.

Now I need to discuss that part of the blog title where I mentioned “before it’s too late”. The thing about the root system of mildew that’s really bad is that the longer it’s left to keep growing below a surface, the harder it becomes to remove. You see, the longer it grows, the farther down it gets..  and that’s not all that happens. It also creates a stronger, more resilient rooting network which after a certain period of time, can result in it almost being impossible to completely remove all of the mildew from below a surface.

This is not good because whatever amount of that mildew that doesn’t break free and come up, will be somewhat still visible plus will also be available to start the regeneration process all over again right away and those are 2 situations we always want to avoid.

Now the example scenario above actually had mildew growing on and within concrete even though I never mentioned it until now, but what if the surface was something more like paint or wood..  something much softer or thinner than your average concrete patio, pooldeck or driveway?

Well that usually makes matters even worse because now it’s more difficult to use any great deal of pressure to assist in that removal and this is definitely why it’s imperative to not let mildew stay on surfaces for too long. Once that root system starts growing it’s bad news for these building materials..  especially paint and wood which would be noticeably damaged by extreme attempts to remove mildew like that.

On painted surfaces the mildew basically displaces and damages the paint. It weakens the paint so much that even if it’s not that old yet it will usually begin to rinse right off during a pressure cleaning process done with or without chemical pre-treatment. And down here in Florida where paint takes a constant beating from the UV rays of the sun, it makes matters 2 times worse.

Wood can also be a touchy material to deal with because it’s somewhat too soft to hold up to high pressure. It also doesn’t fare well when treated with chlorine either, so again this is why mildew must not be taken lightly. It must be kept up with instead of being put off like you could do if it was just like dust and dirt. And even thought green algae may seem similar to mildew, it doesn’t have the root system that mildew has. It basically does just grow on the surface.

Mildew Removal should never be attempted with a residential grade machine because it rarely ever removes most of the mildew.

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