Why Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Company to Clean for You ?



So when it comes down to it..  the ultimate question is:  Why should everyone hire a Professional Pressure Washing Company to clean for them? Well the answer to that question is actually quite simple but there is a few aspects I’ll need to go over with you in order to explain.

OK before I begin though..  I know there’s thousands of homeowners out there that insist or have insisted on trying to do their own power washing..  and no offense to you guys and gals but hopefully by the time I finish writing this post and you’ve finished reading it, I’ll not only have done my profession justice but you’ll also begin to realize why doing it yourself just makes very little sense.

The first point that needs to be made is probably the most important one and that is the fact that pressure cleaning companies and operators obviously use power washing equipment that’s far superior to what an average homeowner would use to do cleanings. This means a few things in itself such as the fact that the commercial grade pressure washing unit will always have greater performance specs (higher output pressure & more water volume).

So what does that mean for you, the homeowner? Generally two things in most cases. With a much greater cleaning performance, the professional operator will be able to provide your surfaces with a deep-down clean instead of leaving behind about 20 to 25% of that deep rooted mildew that the residential grade machines almost always leave behind. So not only will your surfaces immediately look so much cleaner, they will also stay cleaner for about 35% longer, which in the long run means it wont need to be cleaned as often by comparison.

The other aspect of using a commercial grade pressure washer with it’s greater performance specs is that because of it’s higher water volume, it will also get the job done about 5 to 20 times faster depending on the specific task. That may seem drastic but for example when we clean flat-work such as driveways and patio surfaces, we attach a specialized cleaning unit to the end of our high pressure hose called a rotary surface washer. That device coupled with a commercial grade machine can knockout flat-work in minutes instead of hours by comparison. So as you can see already, there are two extremely awesome benefits that occur when you have a professional pressure washing operator do the cleaning for you.

And we’re not done yet..  there’s more benefits !

Here’s a real good one..  why in the world would you want to slave away for hours trying to get the objects on your property cleaned when you can have a knowledgeable, experienced person with the right equipment do it for you. Besides having a backache for the next 2 to 3 days and realizing that your residential grade machine honestly doesn’t cut it, by now you have to admit it makes more sense hiring a pro to do this type of cleaning.

Think of it this way..  no more hours / days of labor for you (with that aching back)..  no more having to deal with maintaining your own machine..  no more running for fuel or cleaning chemicals associated with power washing..  and best of all “Look How Much Cleaner Everything Is and How Much Longer That Cleaning Lasts When It’s Done Right”

There’s a few more benefits to having a professional pressure cleaning company come in to do the cleanings for you but I believe I’ve covered the most important aspects. All in all, it really does pay to have a professional do the job for you correctly the first time and each time after but for those of you who still insist on doing it yourself and have questions, go ahead and use the comment form on my contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m available.

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4 thoughts on “Why Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Company to Clean for You ?”

  1. I didn’t know that a pressure washer could actually remove 20-25% more mildew than other types of machines. It is nice that this means surface will also stay cleaner for longer. My house is long overdue for a cleaning, so I should try hiring a pressure washing service this time. It seems like it will make a big difference in the long run.

  2. I like what this article mentions about the commercial grade washers being able to handle bigger jobs quicker. I think this could be very useful when trying to get things done quickly and efficiently. It’s definitely something to consider when looking to have my home washed off. Thanks for the post!

  3. Because of all the wind & rain storms my house and patio are coated in sand. I like how you mentioned when hiring a company that specializes in pressure washing, they have tools & equipment that get the job done much better and at a faster rate than it would take me to do it myself. I will definitely contact a local pressure washing company to save me time, effort and money. Thanks for the information!

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